Choose Your Snack Tuna Sandwich 535cal Large Sandwich with Tuna Mix 22SR Turkey Sandwich 415cal Large Sandwich with turkey slices and veggie 22SR Falafel Bagel 349cal Fresh Bagel with Falafel Mix and Veggies 12SR Special Spicy Tuna 289cal Sandwich with Spicy Tuna Mix & Jalapeno 12SR special Sweet Labna 287cal Sandwich with Labna & Honey […]

Cold Drinks

Choose Your Cold Drinks Iced Signature 255cal Beloved By our customers, our mix of sweet milk mixed with espresso 14SR-18SR Iced Pistachio Latte 323cal Rich mix of pistachio and sweet milk mixed with espresso over ice 18SR-22SR Iced Cereal Latte 146cal Sweet mix of cereal milk topped with espresso 16SR-20SR Iced Latte 139cal Espresso with […]


Choose Your Hot Drinks Signature 201cal Our Signature drink. made from sweet mix of full fat milk with espresso. (Tip) Enjoy it with requesting extra pump; of sweet sauce. 12SR-15SR Cappuccino 89cal Dark, rich espresso mixed with perfectly steamed foamly milk. 10SR-13SR Hot Chocolate 339cal Mix of premium chocolate mixed with steamed milk 16SR-19SR Americano […]


Choose Your Dessert Brownies 377cal chocolate baked treat with walnut 12 SR Caramel Bites 288cal Crunch of biscuit base with toffee middle and chocolate topping 12SR Chocolate Bites 150cal Crispy wafers and rich milk chocolate treat 14SR Cookies 148cal Daily Baked chocolate chips cookies 10SR Lamington 165cal Australian sponge cake covered with chocolate and coconut […]